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Liquid Technologies, Inc. Research & Development and Quality Labs


R&D and Quality Labs

  • Microbial Analysis

  • Preservative Effectiveness Testing (PET)

  • Analytical Testing

  • Various Analytics Regarding Active Ingredients (Nutrients, Botanicals etc.)

  • Typical Testing : pH, Viscosity, Specific Gravity, Moisture / Solid Content, Torque and Vacuum, Full Stability, Packaging Compatibility, Product Weight Loss, "Shake" Testing for Transportation Sensitive Products

  • Extensive Ingredient Library of Botanicals, Nutrients, Non GMO, Natural Minerals, Essential Oils

Liquid Technologies, Inc. Facility & Manufacturing

Facility and Manufacturing

  • Closed Loop De-Ionized Water System

  • Hot Pour

  • Cold Pour

  • Rotary Tube

  • Multi-Head Filling

  • Simplex Filling

  • Shrink Sleeve Capable

  • Screen Printing Capable

  • Automatic Labeling Machines

  • Multiple Sized Jacketed Vessels

In-House Art Department

  • Custom Artwork

  • Proof Artwork Setup

  • Prototypes

  • Vector / Illustration

  • Product Photography

  • Layout Expertise

Liquid Technologies, Inc. In-House Graphic Design & Marketing
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